Monday, 12 August 2013

Sunday night to- do list.

If you’re a crazy flat out working mum like myself, you’ll probably detest Sunday nights. It’s the worst day of the week. 
OK I know it’s not technically an entire day, but its personality is big enough to be. It’s the evil step mother of the week lurking ominously at the end of a joyous, relaxing weekend, waiting to turn the sweetest, relaxed Mum, into an anxious housework maniac.
If you’re like me, I attempt to have some organisation happening to make the rest of the week run more smoothly. Note: attempt. This is my list of Sunday night jobs: ( feel free to add your own. You may inspire me! ) 

  •          Washing and preparing school uniforms. Notice I did not mention ironing here. Ironing is for summer uniforms, and only when the cool cycle on the dryer hasn’t made them look respectable. Winter jumpers are a godsend on crinkled shirts.
  •          Writing a rough menu plan for dinners. Of course this is liable to change any time I can’t be bothered cooking, someone offers to cook for me, or the kids ask for toasted sandwiches for dinner. ( Did you get that I don’t like cooking dinners?)
  •     Semi tidy the house- this may be the last ounce of energy I have between now and next Sunday night to clean and bleach those grotty toilets.   
  •     Check the weather forecast on the news and plan the weekly work attire. It’s never a good thing to add lib at 6:30am. I did that once and went to work wearing two ENTIRELY different earrings, and nobody said a thing!
  •     Check the pantry to ensure there is enough recess, and bread for sandwiches. I am not a fan of the 11pm dash to the 24/7 expensive service station for school lunch box snacks. This sadly doesn’t always go to plan as the munchy monsters get home before I do and have not heard of rationing. Their theory- I see food, I want food. 
  •     Start stressing about the work week, and how I will get through it. This isn’t actually a job per se, but it seems to be part of my Sunday night routine.
  •    This list may be deemed delayed if there is a good Sunday night movie on and multitasking is simply not do-able.  

 No matter how early I have planned to get my head onto the pillow, I can usually add on an extra hour fluffing around. Perhaps it’s my subconscious trying to extend the weekend, and avoid Sunday night’s evil almost-twin......Monday morning. 

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